Rick is a California-based international business executive, entrepreneur, investor and social change activist. He is founder and principal at RDJ Strategic Advisors, a global financial analysis firm, and Chairman and Founder of the Courage Campaign – one of the nation’s fastest-growing online networks working for progressive change and LGBT equality.

Jacobs founded the Courage Campaign to harness and sustain the grassroots energy Californians bring to national politics, with a specific focus on making California more progressive, more governable, and more fiscally accountable to ordinary taxpayers rather than wealth special interests.

Merging a decades-long background at the highest levels of U.S. and international business with new organizing capabilities made possible by the internet, the Courage Campaign has empowered hundreds of thousands of citizens in California and across the United States.

Under Jacobs’ leadership, the Courage Campaign has grown to more than 750,000 members and is now a progressive powerhouse in California and across the nation.

In 2012, Courage Campaign became the online backbone of the Reclaim California’s Future coalition, an unprecedented statewide grassroots/labor campaign to educate and turnout infrequent, young, minority and disenfranchised progressive voters, who helped put Prop 30 on the ballot and pass it.

After the election, the New Republic stated that Courage Campaign and the coalition it helped form, “identified the straitjacket of rules that had the state tied up in knots,