Small Headshots 1-01Eric Garcetti represents the kind of leadership we need to move Los Angeles forward.

Eric Garcetti draws inspiration from his parents. Eric represents the best of our community: hard work, commitment, dedication, community, sacrifice and diversity.

  • A native Angeleno, Eric’s father, former Los Angeles District Attorney Gil Garcetti, is of Mexican and Italian descent and his mother of Russian Jewish descent.
  • Eric received a B.A. in Political Science and Urban Planning from Columbia University and a Masters of International Affairs from Columbia University. As a Rhodes Scholar, he studied at Oxford and London School of Economics.
  • A naval reserve officer, Eric has the bravery and strength to make tough decisions.
  • Eric and his wife, Amy Wakeland, are accredited foster parents who have cared for seven foster children and adopted an infant daughter from foster care last year.


slider garcetti5-01Eric Garcetti has already worked hard for our Community. As a City Council Member for 12 years, he led a huge turn- around in crime, reduction of graffiti, job creation and economic growth. You can see the results in neighborhoods like Hollywood and Echo Park. That’s what we need citywide.

  • Eric has served on the Los Angeles City Council for 12 years representing the 13th District and was elected four times by his peers as President of the Council from 2006-2012.
  • Eric led an increase in funding for youth intervention and crime prevention programs, founded the “At The Park After Dark” program and created the UNTAG volunteer program, Uniting Neighborhoods to Abolish Graffiti that reduced graffiti in his district over 78% in its first 4 years.
  • Eric created the Neighborhood Leadership Institute to train constituents to be active citizens and implemented “Constituent Bill of Rights.”
  • Eric helped create a 100 million dollar housing trust fund as a chair and member of the Housing, Community Economic Development Committee.


Eric Garcetti represents the kind of leadership we need to continue to move Los Angeles forward. As mayor, he will continue to advocate for us creating jobs and solving everyday problems. He will make LA greener and support education in technology.

  • Eric has a specific plan to create tens-of-thousands of jobs in his first term through solar installation, increasing energy efficiency in buildings and cleaning our water. Eric has already led the way by authoring the nation’s largest green building ordinance and spearheading L.A.’s nation-leading solar rooftop initiative.
  • Eric has a detailed agenda to reform L.A.’s cumbersome job training system to connect people with training and employers looking to hire skilled workers. Eric has already delivered results through the Healthcare Career Ladder at Los Angeles City College, which connects job-seekers with training and local hospital jobs.
  • Eric has a plan to create partnerships to make sure our kids are learning the languages they need to compete — not just foreign languages, but computer programming languages too.

We formed Lots of People Who Support Eric Garcetti for Mayor in 2013 because we could not sit idly by and watch a small group of institutions and billionaires try to buy this election.

Using the revolutionary tools from the Obama for America and Prop 30 campaigns, we will help Eric Garcetti — Los Angeles’ progressive, visionary leader — become our city’s next Mayor on May 21, 2013.

Lots of People. Lots of power.

People Who Support Eric Garcetti for Mayor 2013 was founded by Rick Jacobs, founder and Chair of the Courage Campaign, and Mary Jane Stevenson, former California State Director for the Obama Campaign. Together they will harness the tactics of their organizations to build their volunteer base, raise funds, and reach voters. These include engaging their established networks, coordinating with local groups, working with voter outreach entities and generally leveraging progressive coalitions that want to see a progressive, future-oriented and strong leader for Mayor of Los Angeles.